In the early parts of May in 2019 some friends and I rigged the longest high line in Oregon. Around 470m with one of the most beautiful backdrops in the northwest!

Back in the spring of 2017 Geoff completed a self sustained trip combining three sports. He left his house on bike, riding up to the base of Mt. Sopris. After a summit bid and snowboarding back to his bike, he took a different route leading to the Roaring Fork River. His partner Beth joined with her pack raft, and they floated back to Carbondale. _ _ This was the first time I have ever tried to film something, and make a project out of it. A lack of confidence kept me from pulling it all together, but I'm glad I finally did. Its not a killer piece, but shows the beauty of the country Geoff traveled thru and the mass endurance this mission required.
A journey of ice climbing in a remote part of Colorado's wilderness.
For Memorial Day weekend we went and set up some slack lines across Dinkle Lake! What a weekend to enjoy the summer vibes!
A journey up to a remote ice climb in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.
A fun weekend highlining at the local Hays Creek!
Putting up a 425 foot highline across No Name Creek in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado.